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About Us

Alejandra Anderson

Alejandra / Founder & Creative Director

Alejandra is a christian woman who loves challenges. With over ten years of branding and agency experience, she is constantly looking at ways to bring positive results while keeping the clients best interest in mind. She is an excellent problem solver with the ability to see the big picture. She loves interacting with clients and making them feel valued and it gives her great pleasure to help others achieve their own goals.

Some brands she has worked with are:
Government of BC, Work BC, West Side Church, Child of Mine, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation,  Telus, Lipton Tea, Bud Light, Alexanders Keith, Gatorade, Triple O’s, Arlene’s Interiors, Uniserve, Westcoast Fishing Club and Arts Umbrella to name a few.

Adam Chernenkoff

Adam Chernenkoff /  Senior Developer

Adam is a seasoned web programmer and database developer with a strong understanding of all kinds of technology. With a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Victoria and 10+ years of experience under his belt, Adam translates your high level business needs into simple solutions that work.

From small websites to large-scale projects, Adam delivers results to fit your individual needs and budget. As some clients say: “Adam makes magic happen. This guy can program anything.”

Some Brands he has helped are: Nautilus Explorer, Uniserve, Canadian Mental Health Association, Fresh Coice Kitchen, B.C. School Trustees Association, Drive Wise B.C. Eco Ventura, Strongate Spa




Greg Meeres

Greg Meers / Video Producer

Greg Meeres  is a nomadic and adventurous entrepreneur and digital storyteller with a passion to accurately document social justice issues and mobilize people towards action. Greg has travelled and worked in over 25 countries—telling stories through video and photography. He’s filmed out of a Russian helicopter in Mongolia; dined under the stars with pastoralists in the Sahara Desert; worked to expose the travesties of the sex trade in Cambodia, and female genocide in India; and was even held at gunpoint in Mozambique.

For the last 10 years, he has produced high-definition video for clients like Walt Disney Corporation, the BBC, Hasbro, Health Employers Association of BC, Could You Mozambique, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Horses Orphans, and Mazda Motors; but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

About Our Company

Beyond Media Solutions was founded in Vancouver B.C. Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive transformation through honest and creative visual communications. We are a network of professional experts that come together to do what we love, help you! Do you want to make a positive impact in this world, then we want to hear from you! We truly value the trust each of our clients give us and deeply care for each project. Who are we?:

  • We are passionate for positive transformation.
  • We have a responsibility to deliver results.
  • We have a commitment to excellence.
  • We are dedicated to keep our integrity.
  • We do what is best for our clients.
  • We love those around us and the place we live in.

What We Do Best

Our specialty are: Logos, Brochures, Business Cards, Posters, Booth Graphics, Video Production, Web Design, and Marketing. Whether you are a non-profit, business or organization we are here to help you visually present your company’s vision in an simple, honest, and compelling way.

Web Design / Mobile Design
Digital Video Production
Digital Marketing